Pre-flight tips to keep your family healthy over the holidays

Spending the holidays with loved ones may require packing your suitcase and heading to the airport with your family. According to Airlines for America, the amount of U.S. residents traveling for Thanksgiving this year will reach 25.3 million, which is 3 percent more than last year and the highest amount in the last eight years.

That means there will be potentially 65,000 more travelers each day between Nov. 20 and Dec. 1 arriving and leaving airports throughout the country. Between the naturally crowded and busy atmosphere of an airport paired with the influx of passengers, it’s important to take the right steps to avoid germs and stay healthy. The last thing you want is to get sick during a holiday or after when you and your family have work and school obligations.

Staying healthy when traveling starts before you even arrive at the airport.It is more likely to catch a sickness when flying in the winter versus in the summer

However, staying healthy when traveling starts before you even arrive at the airport. In fact, it begins when booking your plane ticket.

Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, told Forbes magazine that some areas of the plane have more germs than others. If you are able to choose your seat, select one that is either a middle seat or one by the window. Aisle seats have more germs because passengers touch them as they walk past when entering the plane or moving about the cabin. Gendreau said that the best seats for avoiding germs are also located in the front of the plane because there are typically better ventilation systems in this part of the aircraft. Gendreau even went as far to recommend first-class seats if it is within budget, as passengers are not in as close of quarters.

The second phase of planning comes when it is time to pack. Disinfectant wipes, headphones, comfort items (such as pillows and blankets) and socks should all be included in your carry-on bag. These items will come in handy when you’re trying to avoid areas that are especially germ-ridden. Using your own comfort items will ensure you do not get a pillow that was used by a previous traveler, for example.

Even with these tricks, it is still possible to get sick over the holidays. However, CareWell Urgent Care can help you get better in no time so that you can enjoy the season. Book an appointment online for an even more seamless visit.

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Kaitlyn Henry
Kaitlyn Henry
posted 6 months ago

If you have the ability to go early in the morning, I think that’s the only way you’ll avoid a multi-hour wait. Arrived at 6:50AM (doors open at 8AM, by that time there were 60+ people in line) and I was the ~20th person camping out in line. Got in the door at 8:40AM. Waited for a few minutes in the waiting room while they took my information. Test itself was quick (

philip mccluskey
philip mccluskey
posted 9 months ago

Courteous. Efficient. Competent.

I came in for a cut and they took care of me quickly. Place was very clean, too.

The last thing I wanted to do was go into a medical facility right now. I very much appreciated how professional yet human they were. Thanks to Tara and the whole team there. Doing a great job.